How can your company make a positive impact on society through the unique contributions it makes, and what is the core reason for your company to exist? There has never been a time when you need to have good answers to questions like these more than now.
Organizations that pursue a purpose have clarity about their goals and how they intend to accomplish them. A clear understanding of how each individual’s role supports success is achieved by connecting each person to the organization’s purpose.

What is the Purpose of Business?

A company’s purpose lies at the intersection of its identity and what it serves in the world. You can think of it as the underlying reason for your organization’s existence. Despite changes in your company’s mission or vision, its purpose will always remain the same. Organizational purpose lasts forever. A company’s purpose goes beyond what it does, makes, or sells.


What you do, why you do it, and for whom.
Effective Steps to Achieve Business Transformation


Your aspiration for the future – what you hope to accomplish.


What your organization believes.

Integrated Risk Management (IRM): What Is It?


Aiming to reach your objectives.

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